• Stefan Winnik
  • Materials and Corrosion Specialist, Member of NACE, EFC, UK CUI Forum, EEEPC Professional Trainer, Author, Workshop Facilitator
  • SW Materials and Corrosion Ltd., United Kingdom

Stefan has over 35 years’ experience of metallurgy, materials (metallic and non-metallic), corrosion and tribology in the manufacturing and Petrochemical Industries. He is a leading authority in a number of areas which include sulphuric acid processing, halogen handling, organic acid, high pressure polyethylene and butyl rubber technologies, insulation and nonmetallic materials and Corrosion under Insulation (CUI). He has spent most of his 30 years working in the Petrochemical industries trying to mitigate CUI. 

After completing his Ph.D and MBA he worked for several companies in the UK, Europe, USA, Japan and Singapore. He has recently returned from a Singapore assignment and is currently located in the UK where he is a senior member of the ExxonMobil Chemical Central Engineering Department working as a worldwide Corrosion and Materials Adviser.
His area of expertise and technology interests span many different sectors in the Petrochemical Industry. These include materials section, corrosion control/ mitigation, Integrity Management and Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and work selection, failure analysis, tribology, welding, Inspection Technology and NDT/NDE. He is also an author and coauthor of many publications and conference proceedings and he was the editor of the best-selling EFC publication 55 – Corrosion Under Insulation Guidelines which has proven to be a valuable document for both the onshore/ offshore Oil&Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical and associated industries.


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