Process Analyzers & Sampling Systems

Analytical instruments used for online chemical analysis of process streams or plant environments are generally called Process Analyzer Systems or Quality Measuring Instruments. Reliable online analytical
data is crucial for a safe and efficient operation is not limited to the Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry but also for Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and other industries.

Process Gas Chromatography & CEMS Systems

During the first 2 days of the course we focus on all issues related to online Chromatography type analysis ranging from the basic principles, Sample Injection techniques, Analysis Columns, Applied Detector systems and particular Industrial Chromatographic configurations.

Crisis Management & Incident Control

This course/seminar will teach you in a series of interactive discussions/desktop exercises/role play and videos – that meeting your commitment involves more than just being fully prepared.

Fire Hazard Management for Refineries and Tank Farms

This course is designed for professionals involved in fire safety in refineries, tank farms and associated facilities.