Banking Operations Forum

Banking operations of the future, today.

Corporate Learning & Corporate Universities

Learn new ways of making learning accessible through multiple points, at any time and in convenient quantities by exploring new digital tools and best practices.

Downstream Process Development for Biological Products

A course covering principles, process development, optimization and troubleshooting of downstream processing and chromatographic processes with practical examples and case studies to illustrate the problems and solutions faced by scientists.

Temperature Controlled Logistics

Learn how companies are driving the efficiency and safety of their supply chains by deep-diving into digitization, globalization of distribution and road transport.

Next-Generation Antibody Therapeutics

The latest research & development trends with comprehensive view on discovery, engineering, and expression from four different trainers.

Motor Insurance Summit

Lear more about maintaining profit and lowering claims costs

Project & Porftolio Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Lego Serious Play session with Antonia Jennewein

Regulations & Safety in Cosmetics

Develop a functional approach to streamline market entry.

Advanced IVIVC Professional

A course focused on absorption determination, time scaling, prediction, determination of dissolution limits, case resolution problem from design of studies to final use of IVIVC.

Advanced Protein Aggregation & Characterization

Advanced Protein Aggregation & Characterization Training led by Dr. Hans Rogl and Prof. Dr. Johannes Buchner.