The Safety MBA Training

This innovative, interactive program fills the gap that lies at the heart of achieving success in your organization by enabling you to develop an authentic leadership style which will motivate everyone in
your organization to join you on the journey to health and safety excellence.

Certified Human Resource Director

The Certified Human Resource Analyst course has been designed for HR professionals whom: wish to further understand this ever-growing field, desire to become influential within their organizations, and want to be educated on best and future practices.

Accredited Financial Analyst, AFA®

AFA® (Accredited Financial Analyst®) is one of the most highly valued qualifications available internationally for Financial Analysts and Financial Research Analysts.

Certified Compliance Officer

The intensive program will provide a blueprint for compliance professionals to follow to ensure that the risk profile of your organization is limited by a thorough understanding of your regulatory environment.

Making the Change: Leading for Success

Improve your communication, morale, motivation and engagement at Making the Change: Leading for Success by Fleming.