Produced Water Treatment and Management

The purpose of this 3-day training course is to provide a detailed overview of produced water handling mechanisms and methods for its diagnosis, treatment, and prevention in oil & gas drilling environments. Individuals attending this seminar will leave with the holistic understanding of water management, reservoir requirements and discharge water quality monitoring.

Inspection of Subsea Pipelines and Offshore Tubular Structures

The course will introduce the typical flaws and anomalies observed in offshore pipelines and associated structures. In-Line inspection tools, as well as external inspection technologies and the various physical principles they use, will be covered in depth. Strengths and weaknesses from an inspection perspective, as well as an operational perspective, will be discussed.

Advanced IVIVC Professional

This course will provide critical insights into various types of IVIVC and practical exercises focused on absorption determination, time scaling, prediction, determination of dissolution limits, case resolution problem from design of studies to utilization of IVIVC.

Insurance Distribution & Bancassurance Forum

The unique event format is relevant for both industries (insurance & banks) where two camps have very similar regulatory landscape and thus challenges in distribution. There is no event with a direct focus on Bancassurance too.

Masterclass Technical Safety Management

Technical Safety Management – an intensive 3-day course on PHA, HAZOP, LOPA, Functional Safety, SIS & SIL, Risk Management & Control of Operational Hazards led by expert trainer Dr. Tijs Koerts.

Well Integrity Management

This 3-day master-class seminar will provide a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the discipline of well integrity, and discuss in detail how we can achieve it effectively and efficiently during the design and operational phases, as well as after wells are abandoned.

Achieving Reliability from Data – Advanced RCM Course

Take advantage of this unique product that combines classroom training and online learning with the aim of maximizing the implementation of the information learned.

Cultural Safety Leadership

This 3-day modular course takes a multi-disciplinary approach to introduce delegates to Safety Culture development; high impact, effective Safety Leadership skills; and best practices in building and implementing a Behavioural Based Safety process.

Toxicology, ADME & Early Drug Development Plan

This training course brings practical workshops to develop your skills on how to integrate early ADME & tox screens into Lead Optimization and Early Drug Development. Join expert trainers and discuss how science and compliance must go hand-in-hand.

Patient Engagement & Healthcare Communication in the Digital Age

This course provides practical insights into novel approaches, methodologies & tools for patient engagement and stakeholders communication in the digital age, including how to measure their impact & success.