Smart Workspace Design Expo

SWDS is an experience-based event bringing together those who strive for better workspaces. This is where people, place and technology come together to start building the human-centric office of the future, today.

Warehouse Safety Risk Management

This course will give participants an understanding of the concepts at work in order to be stronger leaders of safety and hold meaningful conversations with their own businesses, insurers and enforcers alike.

Laser Welding Process & Application

This training is here to show you the advantages of the laser & to help you understand the laser welding process and its application. To guarantee the correct functioning of the laser we will show you how to set it up and optimize your processes. We would also teach you how to identify and mitigate the safety risk that are connected with the welding with laser.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology in Production Facilities

Microbial purity is an important parameter for pharmaceuticals, and not only for those that are deemed to be sterile. The risk of introduction and proliferation of microorganisms needs to be managed at all steps of the production process.

Principles of Heavy Transport & Lifting Training

From seller to buyer, installation or construction site, heavy transportation and lifting involves a variety of specialized load handling equipment and qualified people. From contract signing to project execution all aspects of heavy transport and lifting affect the overall project. This course is designed to train personnel and organizations involved with heavy transports and lifting offshore operations to work more efficient, effective and safer.

Corrosion Management Systems

In addition to a general overview of corrosion mechanisms, types of corrosion damages and corrosion protection design methods, the course will provide an introduction to the results of the IMPACT study and how the new IMPACT PLUS tools enabling asset protection and reduced cost through corrosion management can be applied to the industry.

Process Gas Chromatography & CEMS Systems

Reliable online analytical data is crucial for a safe and efficient operation is not limited to the Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry but also for Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and other industries.

Well Plugging and Abandonment Training

This 2-day master-class seminar will cover in depth on the topic of well plugging and abandonment, an essential step of the decommissioning phase when well integrity must be assessed, repaired – if
needed – and assured for a long time into the future.

In-Line Inspection and Inspection of Challenging Pipelines Training

In-Line Inspection and Inspection of Challenging Pipelines Training led by expert trainers Dr. Michael Beller & Dr.-Ing. Konrad Reber.

Process Safety Management Training

This course will answer these questions and is an absolute must to assure the safety of coworkers, to protect the environment and to avoid serious business loss.