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Cyber resilience and Infosec Awards

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About us

Fleming is a global business intelligence organisation hosting series of educative workshops and conferences all across the globe. For over 15 years and with over 15,000+ organized conferences, trainings, in-house trainings, e-learning courses, it continue to lead the field for the world’s top business professionals who want the knowledge, partnerships and market insights needed for further growth.


Award overview

On its 2nd Annual of Cyber Resilience and Infosec conference in Abu Dhabi, Fleming decides to launch this inaugural award which will recognize outstanding accomplishments in cyber resilience and information security in the GCC. The awards will not only honor the outstanding performers but benchmark excellence and motivate other regional cyber security leaders who are currently in the path of achieving excellence. The award aims at reflecting the accomplishment of organizations and individuals in multiple categories.


Award Categories - Organization

  • Best analyst skill development program

     For organisations conducting inhouse training programs to equip the employees with necessary skills to respond and recover quickly from an attack while mitigating cost and damage

  • Best incident response team

     Share how your incident response team is excelling in innovating its responses against everevolving  cyber threats. Share a challenging situation faced by the team and how they overcame it.

  • Cyber Security use of the year

     Showcase how the organisation evaluated the threats and challenges, identified the right technology / product needed to mitigate them and how it has improved the security and the privacy

  • Cyber Security team of the year

     Share your teams effort to modernize the organization's cyber security architecture and  to protect the organisation from external and internal threats

  • Cyber security leader- Government

            This awards category recognizes the commitment, dedication, hard work and contributions of        the government departments to to enhance cyber resilience


Award Categories – Individual

  • Cyber Security Leader – Retail
  • Cyber Security Leader – Health-care
  • Cyber Security Leader - Hospitality
  • Cyber Security Leader - Energy
  • Cyber Security Leader - Transportation and Logistics
  • Cyber Security Leader - Media
  • Cyber Security Leader – Women
  • Young cyber security leader of the year
  • Cyber Security Leader of the year


Award Format

  • Nomination can be initiated by a colleague, immediate manager or yourself.
  • Nomination forms are available and must be filled-in appropriately.
  • Supporting documents are mandatory to support your achievement.
  • Each organization can enter nominations up to 3 categories
  • Winners will be announced during the 2nd Annual Cyber Resilience & InfoSec Conference, hosted by Fleming on 5-6 September at Abu Dhabi.
  • Jury's decision will be final and will be based on the details shared by the nominee. Fleming. will have no involvement in the judging process apart from seeking nomination forms



  • In all entries, only achievements and projects from January 2017 to June 2018 can qualify.
  • SIGNIFICANT EVIDENCES of achievements must be provided. These include, but not limited to:
    • Project charter, nominee’s name mentioned as part of the project team.
    • KPIs, targets, metrics - indication of achievements
    • Recognitions/awards/appreciations
    • Publication (internal, blogs or published articles)
    • Other contributions to the cyber security industry
  • For organization: The awards are open for firms in GCC and should not be a solution provider
  • For individual: The nominee needs to have relevant information security background with a firm operating in GCC and must hold a current position with his/her current employer to be eligible.
  • The jury panel may modify the eligibility criteria in best interests of the Awards.
  • The jury panel holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever.


Deadline for filing nominations: 16 August 2018

Deadline for document submission: 20 August 2018


*Nominations forms and supporting documents should be submitted through an official email id