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  • Dr Brian G Twomey
  • Principal Consultant & Managing Director
  • Reverse Engineering Services Ltd., UK
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Course description

Decommissioning of offshore oil and gas installations is an inevitable part of the ‘Life of Field’ activities. It carries a multi-billion $ cost with no commercial return! Right now is the perfect time to take a hard look at the long-neglected decommissioning phase: our social license to operate as an industry depends on controlling leaks, especially from abandoned wells; the slump, current bargain prices and funding opportunities means it makes no economic sense to keep putting off the decommissioning projects; and the rise of turn-key decommissioning and abandonment services implies that both operators and service providers need to understand the risks and opportunities in the current economical scenario.

This training course is essential to all those involved in decommissioning who need to be aware of their obligations and liabilities for decommissioning and how best to manage those such that opportunities can be realized, and overall costs reduced. It will help your team improve your decommissioning strategies to reduce your offshore liabilities. Delegates will gain an in-depth understanding of the worldwide decommissioning market, current and future challenges and strategies that need to be implemented to prepare your companies for decommissioning projects. The course will provide very technical and detailed look at decommissioning techniques of various offshore installations enriched by the real-life case studies and lessons learned from more than 30 years of experience by the trainer. We will conclude the course by addressing the safety and environmental challenges as well as efficient cost management strategies.

Key Topics

Well P&A and decommissioning of subsea systems

Decommissioning of conductors, platform topsides, jacket structures, FPSOs and more

Offshore reuse

Offshore decommissioning equipment and tools

Safety and environmental challenges in decommissioning

Cost estimation for decommissioning

Key Benefits

GAIN detailed understanding of all aspects of decommissioning
ADDRESS applicable international laws & regulations
BENEFIT from real life decommissioning case studies and lessons learned worldwide
PROVIDE expert technical insight to decommissioning of all offshore facilities and installations
DISCUSS important environmental impacts in decommissioning of offshore installations
EXAMINE the challenges with well P&A and the approaches to ensure effective project execution
DETAIL the technical challenges of platform topsides and jackets and examine technical methods used to execute these projects
ACCESS the options available within your cutting toolbox for different decommissioning projects including explosives, mechanical and abrasive cutters and more
DETAIL the technical challenges of subsea decommissioning and examine technical methods used to execute these projects
DISCOVER the opportunities for offshore reuse – platforms, equipment, rigs to reefs and more
DISCUSS important environmental impacts in decommissioning of offshore installations
LEARN how to build a defensible decommissioning cost estimate


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