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  • Nadia Al Ali
  • Head of Quality and Process
  • Department of Energy, United Arab Emirates

Nadia Al Ali is a Head of Quality & Process at Department of Energy, where Nadia supervises the review of water quality and process aspects of all licensees (Water, electricity & waste water sector in Emirate of Abu Dhabi). Provides technical advice and recommendations on various water processes and quality issues. Nadia has worked with DoE for the last 17 years and participated heavily in issuance and amendments of Water Quality Regulations, which aiming at providing a safe drinking water to consumers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Managed collaboratively with different relevant stakeholders in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in developing the regulatory framework of District Cooling, which developed around three dimensions (economic, technical, and legal). Over the past eleven years, Nadia have been conducting a comprehensive audit and review of water quality management process for all licensed companies: Production, Transmission & Distribution companies, to ensure their compliance with DoE’s relevant regulations & codes. Nadia enjoys travelling and reading. You can reach Nadia at: