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  • Douglas Morrison
  • President & CEO
  • Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI)

Douglas has over 35 years of experience mining, 14 years of operating experience in the deep nickel mines of the Sudbury Basin, at both Falconbridge (now Glencore) and then at Inco (now Vale) where he was the Superintendent of Rock Mechanics and Mine Design. He then spent 15 years as a consultant at Golder Associates working on strategic mine design, safety and productivity issues, living and working in Australia, South America, Europe and southern Africa. Throughout his career he maintained an advisory or Board role with Canadian research and innovation organizations and in 2012 he was appointed President and CEO the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation. In 2014 CEMI initiated the Ultra-deep Mining Network, a $35M Program developing solutions to the challenges of bulk metal mining below 2.5km. Douglas believes that for the mining industry to meet the investor’s need for an adequate return will require a rapid and disruptive transformation of the technology platforms in mine production and mine waste management. The new autonomous production systems and quasi-natural waste facilities will require new skill-sets that will radically shift the demographic profile of the industry’s workforce of the future.