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  • Aline Dagron
  • Consulting-Coaching Professionnel- Formation
  • PRO ATTITUDE, France

Aline is a professional in the chemical industry for more than 20  years, with different positions in the sales and marketing as a European sales director, but also in research in the pharmaceutical chemistry, she owned her business producing chemicals for research and had the opportunity to work in various types of companies from the very small business to the multinational ones as BASF.

After a PhD in organic chemistry she chooses to work into the business  field. By experience she has develop a very strong interest in all the  human sciences and in particular how neuro-sciences may be used to help business people. She has been trained as a professional coach but also Neuro-linguistic programming and is adding all most techniques to her professional skills. She is developing a program to change sales people into "customer coach", helping them in becoming more efficient in their performance.