training Europe Oil & Gas
17. October - 20. October 2017

ILI and Inspection of Challenging Pipelines Training

Antwerp, Belgium

This course will provide you not only with theoretical knowledge but also practical examples, case studies and hands-one exercises. Get the most comprehensive overview on how your pipelines could be in top condition.

conference Europe Energy
19. October - 20. October 2017

Annual Shutdowns & Turnarounds Technical Forum

Germany , Germany

Over the past five years the Shutdowns & Turnarounds Technical Forum has grow to become one of Europe's leading and best established platforms to address the key challenges surrounding shutdowns and turnarounds.

conference Asia Finance
24. October - 25. October 2017

Retail Banking Asia Pacific Conference

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This event brings together distinguished personnel from banks, government bodies and technology companies to discuss and address crucial issues on how to seize new opportunities in retail banking and wealth management while making it beneficial for all stakeholders.

conference Africa Finance
24. October - 25. October 2017

North Africa Future Banking Forum

Cairo, Egypt

conference Europe Marketing
25. October - 26. October 2017

Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals Forum

Cologne , Germany

The Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals Forum will bring together industry leaders as well as experts responsible and deeply involved in sales and marketing strategies.

training Europe Energy
26. October - 27. October 2017

Protective Coatings - First Step to Avoid Corrosion

Rotterdam , Netherlands

This intensive 2-Day training with a NACE representative will show you how to master the skills of pre-surface preparation, coating application and repairs.

training Europe HSE
26. October - 27. October 2017

Total Safety Leadership: From Accidents to Zero

Amsterdam, Netherlands

An innovative, practical, interactive approach highlighting the essential leadership, culture and behavioural aspects of workplace safety to systematically move organisations From Accidents to Zero

conference North America Mining
01. November - 02. November 2017

Improving Performance of Mining Projects

Toronto, Canada

The two day conference will delve into the current mining landscape and strategies to deliver value intensive projects.

training Europe Pharma
22. November - 24. November 2017

Quality Requirements for Biotech Products from First-In-Human to Phase III

Frankfurt , Germany

This unique three-day course will cover all the necessary information about quality requirements for biotech products, from non-clinical use to Phase III clinical trials. GMP, QbD, and QC principles are highly important for the safety and usability of emerging investigational medical products.

conference Europe Pharma
22. February - 23. February 2018

Corporate Compliance & Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Zurich, Switzerland

This two-day conference will serve as a platform for an open and dynamic dialogue with HCPs and patients to achieve common goals. Learn how to embed compliance in the business and develop one simple system for managing compliance & transparency in a complex and regulated environment.