6th Annual Business Continuity & Emergency Response Forum

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Day 1

Role of the Regulator in BCM
Abu Dhabi Case Study : Community- Centred Early warning Enhances Disaster Resilience in the UAE
Importance of Disaster Loss Database
Crisis Simulation and Wargaming - Innovation in Resilience
Integrated Approach : Business Continuity Management & Enterprise Risk Management
Crisis Management and Communication
Case Study : GCC Oil & Gas Company’s Experience in Design, Implementation & Management of its Organisational Resilience Programme
Facing the Future: Building a More Resilient Business Model
Achievements, Current Developments & Future Preparations of Dubai Police’s Transport Security Department
Virtual WAR Rooms (Work Area Recovery Rooms)
Developing BCM culture in Large organizations
Panel Discussion - Organisational Resilience - What is it and how does this fit in with Business Continuity?
BCI Middle East Awards

Day 2

Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies
A Proactive Approach for Incident Response and Breach Management
Changing Role of Corporate Security- Convergence of Physical Security with IT
Energy Sector Dynamic Threat Environment and Principles of Modern Emergency & Crisis Management – Lessons Learned From the Middle East
Business Continuity Management (BCM) Implications on Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD)
Leadership Insights for the Emergency Response Manager Position
Let’s Differentiate Between an Emergency and a Crisis
Emergency Planning & Preparedness: Exercises & Training
Business Continuity - Performance Measurement and Management
Setting Risk Appetite and Reviewing Resumption Targets
Academic Role in Crises Management & Business Continuity: Challenges & Opportunities
Managing continuity and resilience during adversity