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IACSP ASEAN Security Symposium & Awards

06. September - 07. September 2016

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Key Topics

  • Terrorism Threats and Responses in the ASEAN region
  • Strategies in Countering Violent Extremism
  • Intelligence Operations and the Evolving Terrorist Threat
  • Technology detection


  • Hear from Royal Malaysian Police, Interpol, United Nations, Former CIA Counter Terrorism Unit speakers and many more...

  • Full day Workshops on:
    • a) Countering Improvised Explosive Devices
      b) Countering Violent Extremism
      c) Behavioral Identification Methods in Aviation Security
      d) Terrorism Financing
  • Latest books on Terrorism with signatures of authors:
    • Philip Baum – Violence in the Skies
    • Anne Speckhard - Undercover Jihadi
    Special Features
  • ASEAN region first IACSP Security Awards:
    • Criminal Justice Category
    • Basic Security Discipline Category
    • Safety, Security Forces & Emergency Services Category
  • 4 Focused panel discussions on Counter-Terrorism Strategies with Interpol France , CIA, Georgetown University, CyberSecurity Malaysia and many more...

  • Official launching of:
    • Certified Anti-Terrorism Practitioner Program
    • ASEAN Counter Terrorism Network Project
  • Exclusive presentations from security institutions, intelligence services and government bodies in the field of Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • Special Address

    YDH. Tan Sri Dato' Sri Khalid bin Abu Bakar
    Inspector General

    The Royal Malaysia Police

    Who You Will Meet

    Homeland Security, Defense Ministries and Law Enforcement Agencies from the region,Internal and External Security agencies, Intelligence services,

    Banking and financial sector, Law firms, regional attorney-generals offices and public prosecutors.

    Experts, specialists, academics, researchers, individual consultants, institutions, organisations and non governmental organisations engaged in countering the threats of terrorism

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    Recently published books are available at the conference signed by the authors

    A history of Aircraft Hijacking and Bombing

    Inside the Toronto 18, Al Qaeda Inspired, Homegrown,
    Terrorism in the West



    A Closer Look at Terrorism in Asia

    This article states the current terrorism threats in Asia and what are the best methods to avoid the security challenges in the region.


    How does terrorism damage society and economic?

    Keeping Our Malls Safe and Sound. An Interview with Andrin Raj, Director of IACSP. This article shows the effect of terrorism not only on the government but also on the society and economic. (source: Focusweek Newspapes)


    Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Brussels Terrorist Attacks

    An Article by Dr. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D. (Source: Speckhard, Anne (March 22, 2016) Brussels Terrorist Attacks at Airport and European Parliament.)


    'Run and hide, don't play dead': Insights in a terror attack

    This article shows the current terrorism threats in Europe and how it's affecting the other regions as well.


    Was Malaysia a transit point for Chechen militants?

    Find more information about Chechen militants in Thailand with Andrin Raj.


    This map shows how terrorism has spiked across the ASEAN over the past year

    Check out the Asean countries that are effected with terrorism.


    Islamic State's Expansion into Asia Worries Experts

    A day after the execution of a Canadian in the Philippines, Southeast Asia terrorism experts warn that international efforts must be ramped up to counter the spread of Islamic State throughout the region.


    The seismic shift in the rise of Non-Traditional Security Threats

    Get experts insights on trends and forecast of non-traditional security threats at the IACSP ASEAN Security Symposium & Awards.