Kevin Owen

Kevin Owen.

Aseptic Processing Expert
Kevin is a microbiologist by profession, is a chartered Biologist and a Fellow of the institute of Biomedical Sciences.
Before joining the pharmaceutical Industry Kevin worked as a hospital microbiologist where the impact of microbiology onto patients has never been forgotten. He has worked in traditional pharmaceutical industry, specials manufacturing and biopharmaceuticals all within aseptic or negative pressure cleanrooms. He has over 25 years’ experience managing aseptic processes and facilities, from preclinical phases through to commercialisation,
Latterly Kevin has created and developed the role of Aseptic processing expert within IPSEN to ensure his wealth of knowledge is disseminated over a wider demographic. During this time he has developed processes to transform the impact of microbiology on aseptic processes and to embed the philosophy of good aseptic processes throughout the IPSEN infrastructure. Key to this has been the development of off-line aseptic training centres for operators and support staff to provide a safe learning environment prior to accessing live facilities.
Kevin has particular expertise in aseptic processing, negative pressure cleanrooms for containment of biological agents, lyophilisation and continuous improvement of processes. He is always patient centric. He is an ambassador for the UK STEM initiative to ensure the next generation of microbiologists are primed for the future.

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