Motor Insurance & Mobility Summit

Join us at the 5th Motor Insurance & Mobility Summit and talk with industry leaders about tackling motor risk model transformation, creating new business models in the mobility ecosystem and the future of auto insurance in the disrupted mobility.

Open Banking and APIs Forum

At the event, we will be discussing the future of banking, hear hands-on case studies exploring best practices for rethinking your legacy systems, building new and unique customer experiences and simplifying your back-end processes.

International Patient Experience Summit

More than just an annual conference, Our International Patient Experience Summit and Awards unites world’s best and brightest patient experience leaders to connect, inspire & transform healthcare. Understanding patient experience is a key step in moving toward patient-centered care. With the increase in demand for value in healthcare services, Our event will reinvigorates life into the world of patient experience.

Project and Portfolio Management for Pharma and Biotech West

The process for managing portfolios vary from company to company based upon firm size, culture, and corporate governance and structure. Success of the project portfolio management process is dependent on having a strong portfolio group with access to the project data, the ability to process large amounts the data to answer ‘what if’ questions to create different scenarios and access to executives who would listen to the insights from the analysis. They use different portfolio selection methods – quantitative and qualitative. This will compare how managers build and execute the project and portfolio management in different organizations. “The Art & Science of Decision Making”.

Procurement Strategy Virtual Summit

Strategic approach for controlled change to emerge stronger from challenging times.

Collateral Management Forum

No. 1 Collateral Management Event in Europe.

Project Delivery Executive Summit 2019

After all, planning is a one-time activity whereas execution happens every day, planning decisions are centralized in a few hands whereas execution decisions are distributed across the organization, and, most importantly, unlike planning, there is no luxury of time for detailed analysis in execution. This event will highlight the latest advances in scheduling and decision support technology as well as best practices that go beyond planning, and deal with the realities of execution.

Health Insurance Summit

The Health Insurance Summit serves as the high-profile gathering of insurance professionals combining C-level insights on successful life insurance strategies and hands-on case studies from leading financial institutions.

Smart Workspace Design

SWDS is an experience-based event bringing together those who strive for better workspaces. This is where people, place and technology come together to start building the human-centric office of the future, today.

Future of Health Summit – 8th Annual Pharmacovigilance Forum

Future of Health – 8th Annual Pharmacovigilance Forum “Where Great Minds meet Today to improve the Health of the society Tomorrow.” April 2-5, 2019 – Bratislava  DOWNLOAD FULL PROGRAM DETAILS PDF Get the complete program line-up, speaker details and more. Download brochure Download brochureFill in details below to download your PDF brochure. Name*Job title*Phone*Corporate email* … Continued