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5th Annual
District Cooling Stakeholders Summit
18. April - 19. April 2017, Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai

Integration of DC with Existing HVAC Systems

Best Practices in Enhancing Operational Efficiency To Up-Shoot Financial Benefits

PANEL DISCUSSION: Ways to control cost of service


Future focus on Market & new Technology

Financial Structure: Funding to Recovery

Key Issues & Precautions

Competence in Planning, Technical Solutions & Automation


  • Conception of alternative sources of energy

  • Gain insight into integration of DC with existing conventional setup

  • Best practise’s in optimizing energy efficiency in the system

  • Search for alternative options to the contemporary vapor compression technology

  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Ways to control cost of service

  • Case study by one of the successful plants from Europe/America with environmental measures

  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Optimizing District cooling design to drive energy efficiency

  • Q & A on Solar District Cooling


Faisal Rashid photo
United Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates

Faisal Rashid

Director - Demand Side Management at Supreme Council of Energy

Faisal Ali Rashid, U.A.E national, a degree holder of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Dayton, Ohio university, U.S.A 1991. Also, a certified PMP(Project Management Professional). Ha

Learn more about Faisal >

Hind Ahmed Almutawa photo
United Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates

Hind Ahmed Almutawa

Director of Regulation & Supervision Department, CIO of Innovation at Ministry of Energy

Hind Ahmed Almutawa joined the Ministry of Energy in Feb 2015. As a Director of Regulation and supervision Department, Hind’s main focus is the Policies and Regulations supporting the ministry visio

Learn more about Hind Ahmed >

Graeme Sims photo
United Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates

Graeme Sims

Executive Director at Regulatory Services Bureau for Electricity and Water

Graeme Sims is the Executive Director of Dubai’s Electricity and Water Regulator, the RSB. An economist by background, he has over twenty years’ experience of the electricity and water industries

Learn more about Graeme >

Engr. Doreb Ibrahim photo
United Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates

Engr. Doreb Ibrahim

Tech Advisor Chairman office, Head of Control Center Projects at SEWA - Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority

Learn the full details about the event program in the downloadable agenda.

Who you will meet


- CEOs
- VPs, AVPs , SVPs
- Directors, Founders, Co-Founders
- EPC, MEP Engineers
- Project Director
- Technical, Mechanical Managers


- Utilities
- Energy
- Real Estate
- Construction
- Automation
- Infrastructure
- Chemicals

Last year attendees

  • “Excellent venue for networking within the District Cooling Industry”


  • “Made contact with designers, engineers & operators of DCP systems that we would have not have met any otherway”

    Goodwin International

  • “Excellent platform, very informative and productive highlighting the benefits of District Cooling in the Middle East”

    Arabian MEP Contracting

  • “Excellent Audience and good & productive discussions on DC”

    Siemens UAE

  • “The discussions were informative and productive”


  • “Highly Informative & Valuable Summit”

    Al Mukhtar Contracting & Trading Co

  • “Start-Achieve-Repeat - Keep it up!”

    Leminar Air Conditioning Company

Facts from 2016


Visitors & Participants


Sponsors & Partners

Keynote Stakeholders Dialogue Panel

Sponsors & Partners

Event Partner

Platinum Sponsor

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Principle Water Partner

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Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE and is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Known for its iconic skyline and skyscrapers, Dubai has become a global business hub for the world. Dubai's western-style model of business is the major driver of its economy which is also one most diverse economies in the Middle East.

Dubai has emerged as a hot favourite for the district cooling industry, owing to the numerous mega project going on in the city.