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Power Plant Forum

07th March - 08th March 2017

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Key Topics

  • Combined Heat Power (CHP) Reliability and Efficiency
  • Forthcoming Electric Power Workforce
  • Power Generation in Sarawak
  • Clean power & energy storage
  • Prospective of Nuclear Power
  • Get insight into practical solutions to complex problems, including valuable skills that will better equip you to do your job better.
  • Explore the latest technologies to increase operational efficiency, sustainability and business continuity.
  • Updates on successfully upgrading, optimizing & modernizing exiting power plants in the region.
  • Explore business opportunities and investment potentials in renewable energy projects
  • Meet government officials, investors, suppliers and industry players from various countries.
Special Features
  • Hear from powerful speakers with innovative ways to tackle the latest industry challenges.
  • 3 Case Studies:
    • The Development of Malaysia’s first Geothermal Power Plant
    • Biomass plant in Malaysia
    • Clean power & energy storage (Sri Lanka)
  • 5 Panel Discussions:
    • Adding renewable to the grid: Challenges, strategies, flexibility, storage and planning
    • Forthcoming Electric Power Workforce
    • Prospective of Nuclear Power
    • Clean power & energy storage
    • Biomass plant in Malaysia

Who You Will Meet

By Position

Plant Managers,Heads and VPs of Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Operations Managers, Project Managers, Heads and VPs of Technology, Heads and VPs of Strategy,Environmental Specialists/Management, R&D Managers

Emissions Control, Specialists (Flue Gas Specialists,Managers, Carbon Capture and Storage Professionals), Outage Managers,Operations, Scheduling Managers, Engineering, Planning Managers, Government

Safety Managers, Procurement, Fleet Managers, Inspectors, Outage Contractors, Consultants, Legal Practitioners, Associations, Renewable Power engineers, Business development managers

By Industry

  • Government bodies
  • Utility Companies
  • Architects
  • Green Building Councils
  • Building Owners
  • Engineers
  • Oil & Gas firms
  • Minucipalities
  • Urban Planners
  • Associations
  • Manufacturers
  • Solution providers
  • Finance Institutions
  • Venture capitalists
  • All energy companies

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Learn the full details about the event program in the downloadable agenda.