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12th Annual
SME Banking Europe
08. November - 09. November 2017, Vienna


12 years of SME banking events world-wide




covering different regions


Embrace innovative and disruptive CX strategies

Implement an efficient NPS program

Digital transformation in SMEs

Keep up with the most innovative fintech companies

Meet the speakers

Pascale Devriese photo
France flag France

Pascale Devriese

Head of Small Business, Business Development Retail & Innovation at BNP Paribas

• Belgian, 50y old, graduated in Marketing & International Marketing • EPHEC Brussels • Business trainings @ CEDP Fontainebleau France, Vlerick Gent Belgium • 28 years experience in Retail

Learn more about Pascale >

Valdas Vitkauskas photo
United Kingdom flag United Kingdom

Valdas Vitkauskas

Associate Director, Senior Banker at European Bank For Reconstruction and Development

• Over 20 years experience in finance and banking • Managed the re-activation of EBRD operations in Belarus as Head of RO in 2007-2012 • Serving on Boards of Commercial banks in EU and Eastern

Learn more about Valdas >

Lav Odorovic photo
Switzerland flag Switzerland

Lav Odorovic

Co-founder & CEO at Penta

Lav Odorovic is an entrepreneur from Belgrade, Serbia. Lav exited his first startup and went on to work at various startups. Before co-founding Penta, Lav worked at Siemens HQ as the Manager of Operat

Learn more about Lav >

Esra Kivrak photo
Turkey flag Turkey

Esra Kivrak

SME Banking and Marketing SEVP at Garanti Bank

Esra has 25 years of experience in the banking industry. She had worked for Pamukbank as relationship manager and in Ottoman bank as branch manager. She has been working for Garanti since 2001 as Corp

Learn more about Esra >


  • Embrace the opportunities of big data and analytics

  • Partner & create an emotionally engaging experience

  • Create a sustainable and profitable SME proposition

  • Stay at the forefront of innovation and embrace new approaches

  • Benchmark proven business models and risk management processes

  • Utilize product innovation, technology, analytics and new distribution opportunities

  • Increase the effectiveness of business advisory services

  • Understand the language of business owners

Want to know more?

Who should attend


Vice President, Directors
Heads, CxOs, Board Members


SME Banking
Small Business Banking
Business Clients
Commercial Banking
Corporate Banking
Retail Banking, Risk
Product Development

What do the attendees say

  • "The event has grown enormously in quality over the years, and I believe has been a thought leadership model for SME banking across Europe and well beyond."

    John Mark Williams

    Head of Breakthrough, Santander, UK

  • "It was exciting to share ideas with the others and see what they are doing with SMEs."

    Ebris Akkus

    SME Marketing Director, Halkbank, Turkey

  • "It was a most interesting and thought-provoking event with the opportunity to network with like-minded people with one common goal."

    Neil Bramley

    Senior National Business Manager, Barclays, UK

  • "Unique opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries and discuss their market experience, approaches and innovations."

    Martin Ehrenberger

    Segment Management – Small Business, Komercni Banka, Czech Republic

  • "It was useful to hear the problems, difficulties and solutions. Hearing innovations is important to any further professional development."

    Necati Caglar

    SME Loans Underwriting Director, IS Bank

  • "Very well organized with interesting variety of subjects."

    Panagiotis Marras

    Head of Commercial Banking, Eurobank Ergasias, Greece

  • "Very nice conference with lots of practical examples on SME implementations ranging from technical tools to motivation of people."

    Marek Swarzyna

    Head of Business Loans, Komercni Banka, Czech Republic

Join us in Vienna

Besides being the capital and largest city in Austria, Vienna is also the cultural, political and economic center of the country. Located at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe, the city unsurprisingly ranked six times in a row as the number one destination for international congresses and conventions. Vienna hosts many international organizations and is considered to be one of the best places for innovation.