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Kingdom Education Innovation 2017

06th March - 07th March 2017

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Key Topics

  • Education and entrepreneurship
  • Digital education and infrastructure
  • Technology and innovation driven education
  • Impact of globalisation-Localisation strategy
  • Role of teachers and next-gen education system
  • Credential education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Next generation mobility
  • Critical appraisals for higher education
  • Instructional leadership & quality assurance
  • International accreditation & excellence models
Special Features
  • Mega trends & globalization
  • Ministerial Panel Discussion
  • Students perspectives in education
  • Digitalisation & Dignitaries Discussion

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Learn the full details about the event program in the downloadable agenda.

Who you will meet

By Position

  • Rectors and Vice Rectors
  • Deans and Deputy Deans
  • Principal and Vice Principals
  • General Manager and IT Manager
  • Head of Department and Head of IT
  • Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents
  • Director General and Deputy Director General.
  • C level Executives and Head Corporate Training
  • Government Officials, ICT Advisors, Ministry Officials and officers
  • Directors,Technology Directors,Curriculum Directors and Academic Directors
  • E-Learning managers, Teachers, Professors, Researchers, coordinators and lecturers
  • K-12 School Board Members, Heads, Leaders and Superintendents

By Industry

  • Ministries and Federal Government Authorities on Education Councils and Higher Studies
  • Universities, Research Centres and Labs, Schools - Regional and International Technical Colleges and Institutes
  • Chief Academic Department/Administrators
  • Companies with strategic positions in education, Education Foundation Officials, non-profit leadership
  • K12 Business Foundation and School leaders
  • Curriculum & Instructional Designers
  • Innovation & Knowledge Management
  • Media and Graduate students
  • CT Professionals, Learning and development Manager, Learning and development Director