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The 6th Global Mining IT & Communication Summit 2016

02. November - 03. November 2016
Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto, Canada

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Key topics

  • Operational excellence and continuous improvement
  • Different facets and progress of IT/OT convergence
  • Cyber Security: Key concerns and solutions
  • Innovation and “Future-Fit” mining
  • Zero in on the main drivers of mining innovation
  • Know where you stand in implementing IT/OT convergence
  • Interpret major cyber risks threatening your operations
  • Catch up with industry trends and project long term growth
Special features
  • The foremost and longest running conference on IT in Mining
  • Agenda inputs from an exclusive "Committee of IT Experts"
  • CIO Panel to discuss the "Next 5 Year Agenda towards making Mining Smarter"
  • CISO Panel: Top Security Risks Associated with IoT and Connected Devices

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Jim Love


CIO and Chief Content Officer, Canada

Terry Cutler


VP Cyber Security & Ethical Hacker, Canada

Jeff Stark


Director Cyber Security, Canada

Who you will meet





Heads of Technology

Vice Presidents & Directors of IT & Security,

Heads of IT & Security,

Heads of Information Security,

Heads of Cyber Security,

IT/OT Experts,

Operational Excellence Experts,

Technology and Innovation Experts



Cognitive and Predictive Mining

Mining has become an increasingly precise practice. Modern mines have applications that ship and synthesize data from a variety of sources resulting in accurate mine planning, scheduling, operations and transportation. Data flows in from diggers, grinders, concentrators and trucks. In conjunction with data from enterprise systems, miners are able to make sophisticated forecasts. They know that a pump will fail in exactly 3 months, a truck’s bearings will need replacement in 2 weeks or an electric rope excavator will stop


Need for IT/OT Integration in Mining to Power Innovation

Organizations continue to invest in core technologies to mitigate the challenges they face. These challenges include depleting grades of ore bodies impacting multifactor productivity, remoteness of new deposits with the lack of infrastructure and skills at the site, deeper underground mining which increases safety risks, etc. An ecosystem of suppliers and research institutions have been working at mitigating many of the challenges by applying innovation and technologies such as sensors, autonomous operations, drones and UAVs, mining simulators etc.


Interview with Sudip Chaudhuri, Global Practice Head - Mining, Wipro Ltd

The challenges for technology adoption is not something unique to Canada or mining; In general the challenges include linking the technology strategy to the business strategy, leadership culture, lack of standard for data exchange between mining systems/equipment etc and in today’s market environment justifying an ROI typically with a year.


Interview with Hank Zbierski (Chief Catalyst, IsoTropic Networks)

We recently interviewed Hank Zbierski (Chief Catalyst, IsoTropic Networks) and asked a few questions on how IsoTropic Networks can help mining companies improve their communication infrastructure. You can read the full interview here.


An Interview with Kirby Johnson (Consulting Partner, Wipro)

We interviewed Kirby Johnson and asked a few questions on the changing role of technology in mining today and here's what he had to say: