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Healthcare Financial Excellence

22. November - 23. November 2016

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Key Topics

  • Revenue Cycle Management for Financial Excellence
  • Medical coding and billing system
  • Issues affecting healthcare revenue
  • Revenue cycle optimization
  • Insurance/Claims optimization
  • Comprehensive financial planning during economic uncertainty
  • Tools and techniques to measure the amount and the speed of revenue collections
  • Strategies to accelerate cash flow and improve annual net revenue
  • To strengthen financial performance and future investment
  • Effective medical coding and billing system for improved revenue
  • Better approach for operational cost reduction
  • Confidence to prevent related issues on billing like overestimate/ unsettled bills
  • New approach to improve credit control for healthcare operation
  • Insight to digitalize financial operation in healthcare industry

Who You Will Meet

By Position

Finance Manager & executives, Heads of Finance, Head of operation

General manager, Billing Managers, Operation managers

Credit Control Managers, Revenue Cycle Managers, Insurance Claims Managers

By Industry

  • Private Hospitals
  • Medical Centers

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