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Pharmaceutical Cold Chain & Logistics in Latin America
14. February - 15. February 2017, São Paulo

Jair Calixto

Gerente de Boas Práticas e Auditorias Farmacêuticas
Sindusfarma, Brazil


GDP compliant
temperature safe distribution

Cold chain validation & PCM packaging technologies

Active cooling vs passive cooling packaging alternatives

Transportation challenges & Warehouse security


  • Cost and risk reduction strategies

  • Update on GDP regulations in the region

  • Virtues and limitations of technology

  • Latest packaging technologies and alternatives that will improve the quality

  • Security and shipping strategies

  • Pre-conference site visit

  • Moderated round tables

    Quality, logistics/supply chain, packaging, regulatory

  • On-stage interview

    with an Anvisa representative

  • Kgotla session

Meet the speakers

Ron Haub photo
United States flag United States

Ron Haub

Director of Sales at Sonoco ThermoSafe

Ron Haub currently leads Sonoco ThermoSafe’s sales efforts in North and South America. Over the last 20 years, Ron has led and managed various assignments in sales, customer service, and people and

Learn more about Ron >

Jair Calixto photo
Brazil flag Brazil

Jair Calixto

Gerente de Boas Práticas e Auditorias Farmacêuticas at Sindusfarma

Jair Calixto is pharmacist graduated in 1985 at University of São Paulo in Pharmaceutical Sciences, in Industrial Administration – Escola Politécnica – University of São Paulo in 1992 and gradu

Learn more about Jair >

Xenia Tujii photo
Brazil flag Brazil

Xenia Tujii

Supply Chain Manager at Merck

Black-belt certified professional with solid experience in Supply Chain, Improvement and SAP Projects in companies such as Philips, Novartis, Merck and União Química. Besides ERP and process improve

Learn more about Xenia >

Nilson Gonçalves Malta photo
Brazil flag Brazil

Nilson Gonçalves Malta

Logistics Automation Mgr at Hospital Albert Einstein

Pharmacist-Biochemist, graduated at Universidade de São Paulo. Specialist in Hospital and Healthcare Systems Administration, Fundação Getulio Vargas. Acting at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein fo

Learn more about Nilson >

Want to know more?

Who should attend


  • C-Level executives
  • Directors
  • Heads
  • Managers
  • Coordinators


  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Shipping
  • Operations
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution
  • GDP Regulation
  • Supply chain
  • Quality assurance, control & processes

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Join us in São Paulo

Pullman São Paulo Ibirapuera

Rua Joinville, 515, Ibirapuera

São Paulo - Brasil

Tel.: +55 11 5088-4061

Visit the hotel's website.