EPC Contract Management

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Day 1

January 11

Keynote Address: Energy Construction Project Outlook: An Overview of Where Bidding is Thriving
Panel Discussion: Contracting in a Costconstrained Environment
Roundtable Discussion: Negotiating Trouble Provisions in 2017
Cost-reimbursable, Lump-sum or a Combination of the two? Considerations for Hybrid Strategies
Contract Pricing Strategies in a Highly Competitive Bid Environment
Strategies for Handling Potential Insolvency with Suppliers & Contractors
Panel Discussion: Striking a Fair Balance with Limitations of Liability and Indemnity Clauses
Assessing How to Incorporate New Technology into an Existing Contract
Handling Technology Licensing when Your EPC Contractor is a Non-owner

Day 2

January 12

Keynote Address: Navigating the Evolving Project Stakeholder Landscape
Incorporating Equitable Models for Risk Sharing Across the Supply Chain
Harnessing Cost Analytics & Auditing Services to Meet Project Financial Goals
Effective Claims Avoidance Tactics: Adopting a Front-end Mindset
Balancing Risks and Rewards in LNG Megaprojects
Midstream Project Approval: When You are Up against Regulatory and Environmental Uncertainty
EPC Contracting in for Power Generation Projects
Panel Discussion - Owner Perspective: Working with Multiple Party Contractors in a Joint Venture
Exploring Contracting Opportunities in Mexico