Maintenance and Reliability Masterclass Training

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Day 1

What is happening around the world in maintenance & reliability?
Details of each technology
Justifying the technology for the failure mode
When to use on what equipment
Seven major predictive technologies
Predicting failures
SMRP Body of Knowledge areas and Information
The Cost of Failure
The Business of Maintenance
The RCM PF curve and where you fit on the curve
Practice Exam

Day 2

October 25, 2016

Practice Exam Review
RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
Equipment Ranking methods/tools
Metrics and goals
Select suppliers (reliability versus price)
Precision maintenance techniques
Lubrication Excellence
Proactive Maintenance Techniques
Finish Predictive training
Practice Exam

Day 3

October 26, 2016

RCD (Reliability Centered Design)
PM Strategies
Sample RCM database review
RCM and Failure Modes training
CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems)
Planning and Scheduling Principles
Written Procedures
Training programs
Practice Exam Review