8th Annual Middle East District Cooling

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Day 1

1st November 2016

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: District Cooling in Qatar & GCC, Future and Challenges
Cost Saving with Customized STARTING solution
Water Treatment Technologies for Sustainable and Cost-effective District Cooling Operations
System Reliability: Redundancy vs Logistics
Secrets to the Successful Delivery of District Cooling Projects in the Middle East
Importance of Proper Filtration Selection for Water Based Cooling Systems to Address limitations facing Water and Energy Resources across the Middle East
The Future of DC that Includes Current Status, Impact of the Renewable Revolution and Opportunities
Refrigerant Update – Beyond HFC’s
Use of Innovative Water Cooling Concepts in Modern DC-Operations
WRAP UP PANEL | Exploring the Challenges faced in Developing a Strong Foundation for DC -Implementation and Role of Renewable Energy for DC

Day 2

2nd November 2016

EXCLUSIVE SESSION – ‘ASHGHAL‘: Application Opportunities of Treated Sewage Effluent in District Cooling & Challenges towards Environmental Compliance
New Solutions and Best Practices for District Cooling from Finland
Key Elements to Implementing District Cooling- A Retrospective Perspective
High Efficient District Cooling Plants with ZERO Water Consumption
Quality Control and its effect on efficiency
Key Development Issues for New District Cooling Systems
Performance Prediction of a Centralized Solar Cooling System for a Residential Compound in Saudi Arabia
Sustainable Development and Environmentally Friendly Energy Systems
WRAP UP PANEL | Investigating the Challenges to Implementing District Cooling