6th Annual Smart Grids & Smart Meters Summit

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Day 1

Plenary Session : The Emirates Outlook

INAUGURAL MINISTERIAL ADDRESS: Organise the Energy Sector according to the economic development requirements – The Ministry of Energy Strategy
Keynote Address: Connecting Solar Energy to Houses and Buildings
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Implementing Sustainable Strategies to Increase Energy Efficiency in Dubai with a Focus on Solar Energy
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: A Geo-Spatial Based Smart City - Strategic vision of Dubai Municipality
Stakeholders Panel Discussion | Grid Modernization - Technology Choices for the Emirates
Get Involved: Meet & Greet Speed Networking Session

Regulatory And Law Perspective : The Way Ahead

Regulatory Changes for Smart Grid Adoption – Where does it stand ?
The role of regulations for microgrids and centralized grids in developing modern power systems
Spotlight Session: Condition monitoring of high voltage equipment in smart grid

Building The Smart Meter

Planning and operating issues at the seams between transmission, distribution and customer or third party systems
Focused Round Table: Tariff Management (End User – Service Provider Relationship )

Design Process And Key Issues

Cybersecurity in the age of Smart Grids
Developing Smart Grid Control Centres: Grid architecture for examining myriad complex relationships
Round-Table Discussion Panel

Day 2

Asset Management And Optimization For The Smarter Smart Grid

Keynote Presentation: Building the Advance Metering Infrastructure
Technical Workshop: Cutting Edge Strategies of Smart Grids Deployments from the World Key Players Sharing Best International Practices

Exploring The Future Smart Metering Working Model

Technical Presentation : Role of Internet of Things in the Smart Grid Technology
Technical Presentation : Realizing the Full Promise of Smart Grid Investments
Technical Presentation : Diversification of energy resources
Technical Presentation : Extending AMI from Residential Sites to Substations: Challenges and Lessons learnt.
Technical Presentation: The emergence and impact of disruptive technologies (e.g., power electronics and solar/storage)
Technical Presentation : Advanced sensing, communication, control and information management requirements in an advanced grid

Integration Of Renewable Energy Into Smart Grids

Technical Presentation : Challenges and Opportunities Associated with Renewable energy Integration
Open Panel Discussion: Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration