Life Insurance Forum

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Day 1

5th April

Regulatory Changes and Challenges Facing Life Insurance
Disruptive Panel: Disruption in the Life Insurance Industry
#InsurTech and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Insurance
Big Data and Predictive Analytics – Pillar Stone for Future Success
Consumer Retention and Loyalty Management
Design Thinking – A Forward-Looking Perspective
Leading by Stories: Storytelling Success
Automated Underwriting: The Keys to Success
Innovative Approaches to Longevity Risk
Investment Debate: Finding Value in a Low-Yield Environment

Day 2

6th April

Winning Strategies in Today’s Fast-moving Environment
Achieving Profit and Growth
The Latest in Product and Regulatory Developments
IoT and Life Insurance
Unlocking the Potential of Automated Technology
New Life and Pension Products
Innovation in Life Bancassurance
Strategic Panel: Digitization - The Future of Insurance