North Africa Future Banking 2016

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Day 1

October 24, 2016

Leadership Panel Discussion: The Future of Banking in North Africa
Digital Transformation in Banking
Mobile Banking – Moving away from brick and mortar
Core Banking: Optimizing your core banking systems to support innovation
CXO Panel: What’s Trending? #Digitaltransformation #Internet Banking #MobileBanking #Omnichannel #Payments #CyberSecurity
Omnichannel Banking: Implement an integrated Omni Channel Strategy
Elevator Pitch Session: An Opportunity for 4 technology providers to showcase a technology demo within 5 minutes in an exclusive on–stage elevator pitch session in the main conference room followed by a 10 min Q & A Session
Business transformation: Empowering the Analyst for successful delivery
Big Data Analytics: Maximising the value of customer data for a competitive advantage
Customer Experience Management – Embarking on a CEM Journey
Panel Discussion: Role of Banking Sector in Economic Inclusion
Payments: Adapting to the new payment landscape
Cash to Cashless: The Transformation of the North African Banking Sector

Day 2

October 25, 2016

Keynote: Regulatory Compliance: Overview of Compliance Requirements
Effective Risk Management & Control Governance in Banks
Case study: Establishing Risk Management function from scratch
Balance Sheet Management: Increase transparency in risk and reduce reporting time
Operational Risk
Case Study: Information Systems Governance
Roundtable Session: Security
Security Leaders Panel
Case Study: Cyber Threats & North African Banks
Security Operations Center– Fortifying your SOC and its associated processes
Banking Innovation Awards: Recognizing the achievements and innovation of banks across North Africa