8th Annual World Islamic Retail Banking Conference

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Day 1- November 28, 2016
Insights into the Global Islamic Banking Market
POINT OF VIEW: Running the bank vs developing the bank
CASE STUDY: Liquidity Risk & Contractual Forms
CASE STUDY: Loyalty and customer retention in islamic retail banking
POINT OF VIEW: Product development
POINT OF VIEW: Digital Investment
POINT OF VIEW: Updates on Islamic Banking Policy and Regulation
CEO Roundtable: Redefining the Islamic Retail Banking Business Model
GURU RETAIL BANKING PANEL: Consumer Behavior: How to achieve higher cross selling and up selling
SMART PANEL EXCHANGE: Innovating Ladies Banking Initiative
Day 2 - November 29, 2016
GURU IT Panel: Steering Islamic Retail Banking Technology Strategy
Fintech- the future of Retail Islamic Banking
POINT OF VIEW: Segregation of funds
Annual Open Fatwa Session
CASE STUDY: Increasing utilization of digital media
POINT OF VIEW: Auditing shariah
WORKSHOP: Islamic Retail Banking Product Structuring