NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety

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Day 1

14th November

Session 1: NEBOSH requirements
Session 2: Health & Safety Management
Session 3: Hazards Inherent in Oil and Gas
Session 4: Risk Management

Day 2

15th November

Session 1: Risk Management (continued)
Session 2: Process Safety Management
Session 3: Review of Process Accidents
Session 4: Plant Operations

Day 3

16th November

Session 1: Hydrocarbon Safety 1
Session 2: Hydrates - hazards / controls
Session 3: Hydrocarbon Safety 2
Session 4: Safe Operating Envelope

Day 4

17th November

Session 1: Process Safety 2
Session 2: Containment of Hydrocarbons
Session 3: Fire Types
Session 4: Fire

Day 5

18th November

Session 1: Fire Protection and Control / Emergency Procedures
Session 2: Fire Protection and Control / Emergency Procedures (continued)
Session 3: Logistics and Transport
Session 4: Land

Day 6: Assessment and Certification

19th November at 1:30pm

Unit IOGC1 is assessed by a 2 hour written examination marked by external examiners appointed by NEBOSH. NEBOSH issue a qualification certificate once a Candidate has achieved at least a Pass grade.