NextGen Parking Management Summit

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Day 1

April 19, 2017

Government Regulations & Future Focus
Government Future Plans and Initiatives for the Region
Making Parking a Real Part of Intelligent Transportation
Parking In Digital Era
Panel Discussion & QA Session: The Future of Parking with Autonomous Vehicles
The Internet of Things – What & Why?
Intelligent Parking Systems in Smart Cities
GI Tech – A Introduction
Smart Place Management
Alternate Mode of Transportation to Avoid Traffic and Parking Challenges
Next Gen Parking: Teams, Tech & Leading Tomorrow... Today
Case Study: Parking Management at Abu Dhabi Airport

Day 2

April 20, 2017

Inventive Parking Systems: Technology Demand & Implementation
UBER Impact on Parking
Connected or Automated Driving & Intelligent Parking System
Debate: Parking Payments: Are We on the Road to a Cashless Society?
Serving More Customers with Automated Parking
Regulations by Policy Makers and Current Parking Challenges
Big Data: Connecting Cars, Parking & Transportation
The Next Step: Assess, Impact & Security & Control
From Camera to Sensor Fusion for Automated Parking and Scene Viewing
Smart Parking and Security Threat
Roundtable Session