2nd Annual Warehousing and Inventory Optimization

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Day 1

Warehousing from Leader's Perspective

Keynote Address: The Changing Role of Warehouse

Embracing Smart Warehousing for better productivity

Smart by Design
How Warehouse Productivity can be Optimized through Smart Applications
Pecha Kucha Talks 20x20
Selecting the right Warehouse Management System for your Warehouses
FIFO vs LIFO : Which Inventory Management Would Fit your Warehouse?
Automating Warehouses to Deliver Value to Customers


TRACK A: Lean warehousing: Controlling warehousing storage cost
TRACK B: How the power of automated warehouse boosts productivity

Day 2

Keynote Address : Lead Time Forecasting
The Effect of Omni Channel Retail on Warehouses: Getting Ahead of the Game
Planning your Supply and Forecasting your Demand!
Modern Approach to Inventory Optimization
Automate your Tracking !
Changing the Course of Food and Beverage Distribution
Panel Discussion: 3PL: Adding Value Through Outsourcing
Managing your Chemical Inventory
Recognizing the Importance of Cold Chain Management