BioPharma India Summit

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Day 1

2nd February, 2017

Biopharmaceutical Production Plants: Limitations, Flexibility and Speed of Realizationer Presentation
Evolution of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Fostering Development Strategy for Favorable Biomanufacturing Growth
Design Insights for Biologics Manufacturing Facilitator Presentation
Technological Capacity & Maturity w.r.t Commercial Aspect
Driving Innovation & Competence in Industry
Achieving Excellence through Manufacturing

Day 2

3rd February, 2017

Achieving a Successful Technology Transfer
Knowledge Transfer a Pivotal Factor
Upstream perspective
Technology for Downstream
Role of automation on productivity enhancement, quality improvement and regulatory compliance
Defeating Downstream Constrictions in the Up-scaling process
Quality risk management (QRM), Analysing its implementations
A Vital Perspective on Supply Chain