Pharmaceutical Cold Chain & Logistics in Latin America

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Day 1

13th October

On-stage interview with Sindusfarma representative
Cold chain validation
Cold Chain in Brazil: A comparative qualitative study with international models
Transport qualifications / validation
Round table: Cost Optimization Strategies for Temperature-Controlled Packaging
Active cooling vs passive cooling packaging alternatives
Safety management in cold chain
Kgotla session: find the best vendor that fits your company needs

Day 2

14th October

Cold chain packages: validated state evaluation
On-stage interview: tendencies of logistics solutions
CRT transportation and the challenges to maintain the right temperature
Drugs traceability and patient safety. New barriers to avoid medication errors
Workshop: Brazil Trade Compliance and facilitation
Outsourcing Challenges
Debate: Cost and Risk Reduction Strategies in Cold Chain Distribution
Fishbowl discussion: Best Practices in Supply Chain Security for a Maturity Model