Project & Portfolio Management for Pharma and Biotech – EAST

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Day 1

February 22

Keynote Presentation: Project and Portfolio Management Evolution in Pharma vs. CRO vs. Biotech
Benchmarking Panel: Optimizing the Governance Model to Facilitate Team Success– How Project and Portfolio Management Can Work Together
Case Study: Improving Predictive Resource Models - R&D Time Tracking and Resource Management that Works
Case Study: Assessing the Health of Your Early Stage Pipeline
Case Study: Mastering the Role of PM in External Collaborations and Alliance Management
Open Floor Discussion: How to Make PMs More Visible and Recognized
Case Study: How to Enhance R&D Productivity? 
Open Floor Discussion: Building a Right-sized, Value-added PMO/Portfolio Model in a Mid-sized Pharma/Biotech
Case Study: The New Discipline of Enterprise Portfolio Management – Strategic Choice and Resource Optimization in Pharma and Biotech

Day 2

February 23

Kickoff Session: PPM Scenario Differences - Global vs. Local Aspects
Featured Session & Open-Floor Discussion: Increasing PPM Monitoring Effectiveness without Over-Reliance on Tools
Case Study: Doing Now What Patients Need Next
Case Study: The Project Manager's Toolkit to Risk-Savvy Excellence
Case Study: Recognizing and Challenging Bias in Navigating Portfolio Decision-Making
Case Study: Power of Predictive Modeling, Visualization and Simulation in Data-Driven Decisions
In-conference Workshop