12th Project & Portfolio Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry Congress

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Discovery Day

16th November

Speakers, Delegates and Sponsors are invited to attend an informal cocktail reception in order to get to know each other before the official start of the conference.

Day 1

17th November

Introductory Keynote Session: Key Consistencies and New Waves in Pharma PPM
"Operationalizing Innovation" - Pre-assessment, Evaluation and Feasibility Techniques
Stream A - Project Management
Case Study: Trends in Project Management in R&D in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Case Study: The 6 Essentials of Project Team Success: A Cross Company Perspective
Case Study: Leading a Project of FDA Pre-approval Readiness Preparation
Case Study and Interactive Workshop: Exploring Next Levels of the Project Management Office (PMO) Progress
Knowledge Transfer Session from a Different Industry: How Project Managers Create Value
Featured PMO Panel
Case Study: Redesigning the R&D Budget Management
Spotlight session & interactive workshop: New Ways to Tackle the Typical Trade-Off Between Product Portfolio, Target Groups and Resources
Case Study: Transformation of a Research-Driven Small/Midsize Biotech Environment into a Drug Discovery/Early Development Engine
Case Study: Company Resilience in Outsourcing Decisions - Adherence to Risk
Practical Work Session – Building an Action Plan
Case Study: Making Better Portfolio decisions by Joined Ownership of Marketing and R&D

Day 2

18th November

Spotlight Session: Regulatory Considerations in Creating a Product Portfolio for Emerging Markets (EMs)
Benchmarking session: Project Governance (Re)Balance
Stream A - Project Management
Case Study: Matrix-Design on License-out Projects In Practice
Case Study: The Highs and Lows of Collaborations - Impacts of Working with Different Delivery Models
Case Study: How to Ensure Unbiased and High-quality Data Sets in Portfolio Management?
Case Study: Predictive Pipeline Modelling Including Scenario Planning to Guide Strategic Budget and Resource Allocation
Case Study: Mastering Project Execution in Early Phase vs. Late Phase - Comparing Different Stakeholder Perspectives
Featured PMO Panel