Project & Portfolio Management for Pharma and Biotech - WEST

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Day 1

February 1

The Big Picture: Aligning Strategic Priorities to Portfolio Management and Associated Resources - A Holistic Approach to the Strategic Planning Process
Featured Panel Discussion: East vs. West: Is there a regional approach to PPM in the US?
Case Study: Unlocking R&D Value by Rethinking Financial Models
Case Study: "Wild West Territory" - How to Bring PM Principles to the Early R&D Team
Case Study: What to Learn From the Disciplined Resource and Risk Management of in a Company with a Single Asset
Case Study: Portfolio Prioritization Tactics in a Smaller-Sized Organization
Open Floor Discussion: Early Decision Making while Keeping the Market in Mind - Market Considerations in Portfolio Management Decisions
Open Floor Discussion: The 3 layers of the Portfolio Management Landscape - When and How to Make Infrastructure Commitments in a Small Startup Environment?
Practical Work Session: Managing Portfolio Risk and Mastering Prioritization
Featured Panel Discussion: Enabling Decisions through Financial Analysis

Day 2

February 2

Kickoff Session: CEO and VP Insights on How to Effectively Manage Collaboration with a Larger Partner
Featured Panel Discussion: How are the Aspects of Oncology Different from Other Therapeutic Areas
Case Study: Effective Management of People and Teams
Case Study: Regional Launch Planner – Aligning Launch Planning Across Multiple Countries
Open Floor Discussion: The Traps of Over-Reliance on Tools
Case Study: The Role of Project Management Strategic Planning and Decision Making in Small to Mid-size Biotech
Case Study: Integrated PPM Project Resource and Portfolio Management System
Open Floor Discussion: Partnering to Commercialize - Most Important Things to do for Biotechs in Preparation for Due Diligence ?