2nd Annual Smart Healthcare Technology

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Day 1

Kingdom's Health Report
Challenges of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Electronic Healthcare Solution
Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Electronic Solutions : Limitations & Scope
Round Table With Multiple Topics : Technology for Health Care of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Paper to Paperless Continuum
Going from Paper To Paperless Techchnology
Bench-marking and Data-Driven Decisions

Day 2

Amalgamation of ICT with Organization
Clinical Decision Support System : A Technology In Use
Emerging Technologies within eHealth Gamut
Implementation of CIP (Caradigm Intelligence Platform) format for Better Engagement
Smart technologies for Better life
Big Data : A Vital Aspect
Break Out Session : Mhealth : Understanding It Importance
Healthcare Meaningful Information – How to achieve it?
Panel Discussion: Paperless Documentation: Driving Towards Digital Future