Cyber Resilience & InfoSeC 2017

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Day 1

6th February, 2016

Visionary Address: Resilience & Cyber Security – How Prepared Are You?
Thought Leader Panel: Moving Cyber Security Further up the Board’s Agenda
Evolving Technologies & IoT’s: Security Nightmare or Next Great Hope?
Insider threat – Real ENEMY?
Case Study: Enterprise Social Media and Cloud Adaptations
Data Protection – Own Your Asset Before your Adversary
Tricks of the Trade : Dangers of Ransomware –Is Anyone Safe?
WoW Panel: Placing Cyber Security at the Heart of the ‘Smart Enterprise'
Third Party Risk & Industry Collaboration : You are only as Strong as your Weakest Link?
Human User Security – Assessment and Awareness
Digital transformation – Insecurity & Risks
Security Chat Corner Panel - Rethinking Cyber Security : Time to Transform Security Mindset
LIVE Demo on HackAttack

Day 2

7th February, 2016

Towards a Safer and Secured E-Smart Government Infrastructure – Threats & Opportunities
Smart City E-Security Strategies for 2020 – Dubai E-Government Evolution (Roadmap)
Women Empowerment Panel - Breaking the Glass Firewall: The Changing Role of Women in IT Security
Think like a Bad Guy - Change the Game to Proactively Protect your Business
Unseen Truths of Cyber Warfare & Cyber Terrorism
Collaborative Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics for Cyber Security
Drill Down Debate - Disclosure of Breach Information : Strengthens or Weakens Cyber Defense
Case Study: Real World Cyber Investigations
Secure coding practices – Ensuring security is “baked” in from the beginning of the SDLC.
Plug the Cyber Talent Gap in the GCC Region
Cyber GRC: Getting the best out of ISO 27001, COBIT5 and UAE (IA) Standards
Industry Brainstorming Sessions - The Need of the Hour : Share & Collaborate Cyber Security Initiatives