Cyber Security India

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Day 1

24th November, 2016

India's Cyber Security Landscape
Safeguarding the Information of Big Data & Use of Precautionary Systems
Risk Reasoning incubating cloud for services and third party apps
Mobile phones threatening private data breach
Smart Phone: Not so Smart?
Cyber risks for mobile payment services and transactions:
Industry - Vendor Panel Discussion: Beyond Technology & Understanding the mediums like Social Engineering & other Potent Ways
Digital Forensic Science for Cracking the Case
Social Engineering – A Con Game or an Investigation Tool
Investing in Right Technology & Compliances
Investing in the Right Technology Redefining the Core of your Organization
Return on Investment (RoI) based upon implementation of Cyber Security Frameworks
Roundtable Discussion: A Problem-Solution Approach

Day 2

25th November, 2016

Opportunity & Threats in Adopting New Technology
Telecom Revolution & its Domino Effect on other Sectors & its Businesses
Understanding today’s business Ecosystems & being Risk Ready
Data securing Complying Standards
Break The Ice
Data Security to Safeguard the Healthcare sector
Complying Standards to Eradicate System Infection
Role of Technology and its Implementation Effect
Risking IT all up for the Financial Sector & Best Practices
Block chains - Redefining Cyber Security
Risk for Digital Business Venturing into E-Commerce Platform
Understanding the Volatile Grounds to Manage Business Risk Effectively
“Cracking the Code” Understanding Advanced Adversary Motivations and & How to Defend Against the Threat
Five Point Plan for CySec Essentials