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5th Edition Middle East Homeland Security Summit

07th November - 08th November 2016

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Key Topics

  • Internal Security Challenge Has Shifted From War Between States To War Within States
  • Emergency Planning Leads To Good Emergency Response During Terror Attacks
  • Managing Critical Infrastructure Security & Resilience Through Collaboration
  • Border Management Technology To Improve Reaction Time From Detection To Interception
  • Cyber-Terrorism Is Unpredictable In A Very Unpredictable Place With Very Visible Damage
  • Effective Anti-Maritime Terrorism Policies To Counter Unprecedented Shifts In Maritime Activities Of Terror Organizations
  • Growing at more than double the global average of 5.5 percent, the Middle East has evolved into the fastest and the biggest market for security solutions
  • According to a recent Frost and Sullivan report, Middle East's homeland security market will see a compound annual growth rate of 18.7%, and hit $34 billion per year by 2020
  • Saudi Arabia, homeland security market is forecasted to grow to USD 97 billion by 2018 making it the world’s second largest market after the United States
  • Homeland security and emergency management market is anticipated to reach USD 546 billion by 2022, with UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and China as the fastest growing homeland security and public safety markets in the world
  • Homeland security market in the UAE will continue to grow as the government doubles its budget from USD 5.5 billion to USD 10 billion during the next decade.
Special Features
  • Be a part of an exclusive platform addressing crucial challenges & advancements in the arena of middle east homeland security
  • Explore new technological advancements
  • Understand why technology needs to be integrated
  • Learn how technology plays a vital role in strengthening homeland security apparatus of a state
  • Have the opportunity to network with internal security stakeholders
  • Interact & network with global solution providers offering the latest innovative technology & solutions

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Learn the full details about the event program in the downloadable agenda.


Colonel Adnan Alghamdi

King Abdulaziz International Airport

Director Of Security Affairs, Saudi Arabia

Prof Dr Mamdooh A

Police Research Centre

Legal Counselor, United Arab Emirates

Patrick Cuschieri

General Civil Aviation Authority

Regulations Specialist, United Arab Emirates

Who You Will Meet

  • State and Country Rulers’ Offices
  • Advisors To State Offices
  • Ministries of Defense
  • Ministries of Interior
  • Ministries of Justice
  • Border Security Sector
  • Immigration Control Sector
  • National Critical Infrastructure Assets
  • Heavy Industry Security Sector
  • Utilities Security Sector
  • National Guard
  • Civil Aviation Sector
  • Cyber and Physical Security Sector
  • Maritime Sector
  • Armed Forces
  • Air Forces
  • Navy Forces
  • Public Governance Sector
  • Public Security Sector
  • Coast Guard Agencies
  • Police Authorities
  • Port Security Sector