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Faisal Ali Hassan Rashid

Supreme Council of Energy

Director - Demand Side Management, United Arab Emirates
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Dr. Ismail Zohdy

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Government of Dubai

Chief Specialist of Self-Driving Transport, United Arab Emirates

Eng. Sayed Metwalli

Greater Cairo Transport Regulatory Authority

Chief Executive Officer, Egypt

Ibrahim Al Hmoud

Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

Special Projects Manager, United Arab Emirates

Loay Ghazaleh

Ministry of works

Advisor to the Undersecretary, Bahrain
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Eng. Wesam Tahtamouni

Ministry of Transport

Head of the Planning Department, Land Transport Regulatory Commission (LTRC), Jordan

Arif Mehamood

Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport

Specialist, Safety Planning, United Arab Emirates

Joerg Tonndorf


Associate Director - Transport Modelling Lead Middle East, United Arab Emirates
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Dr Reza Mohammadi

Managing Director

Reza Mohammadi Consultancy , United Arab Emirates