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Tom Crabbe


Director, External Discovery Solutions, United Kingdom

Nicholas Goubert

Daimler X, Digital Innovation Lab

Chief Product Officer, Germany
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Patrick Halford


Nordic Robotics, Drone and Mixed Reality Ecosystems Director , Finland

Joep Brouwers

Brainport Development

Vice Director, Netherlands
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Thomas Metcalfe


Strategic Innovation Leader, Pharma Development, Switzerland

Vincent Serra

Pierre Fabre

Head of External Innovation, France

Jerry Outram

Bayer Crop Science

Head of Technology Scouting and Open Innovation, France

Henning Trill

Bayer, the Life-Science Company

VP Corporate Innovation, Germany

Wen Hwa Lee

Oxford University, Structural Genomics Consortium,

Strategic Alliances Manager, United Kingdom

Jose Miguel Alonso


Open Innovation Manager, Spain

Letizia Mortara

Cambridge University

Senior Research Associate, United Kingdom

Robert Plana


CTO, France