5th Annual Corrosion Management 2016

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Qiwei Wang Ph.D.

Saudi Aramco

Research & Development Center, Saudi Arabia

Khalil M. Abed

Cortec Middle East

Regional Manager- Saudi Arabia, North Africa and Levant, United Arab Emirates

Chris Todd


Regional Manager – Middle East, United Arab Emirates

Allahdad Khan

Corrosion Engineer

M.Eng., P.Eng., Saudi Arabia

Dr Khlefa Esakul


Corrosion and Materials Engineering Consultant, United States

Abdulla M. Beanmer

Akakus Oil Operations

Corrosion Div.Supt., Libya

Dr Iftikhar Ahmed

Arabian Gulf Oil Company

Corrosion Consultant, Libya

Rehan Ahmed


Head of Material, Corrosion and Inspection, Malaysia
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Dr Ihsan ul-Haq Toor

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)

Director ME Corrosion Lab and Asst. Professor, Saudi Arabia

Monica Chauviere

MoniCorr Inc.

President, United States

Dr. Yahya Al Janabi

Saudi Aramco

Research Science Consultant- Materials Performance Unit, Saudi Arabia

Ahmad A. Sorour


Director, Center of Research Excellence in Corrosion, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Hamad H Almostaneer


Scientist, Materials, Corrosion & Static Equipment Domain (MCSD) – MCC, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Rami Suleiman


Center of Research Excellence in Corrosion Research Institute, Saudi Arabia

Faisal M. Al-Abbas

Saudi Aramco

Engineering Specialist, Corrosion Management Group, Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Al Shahrani

Saudi Aramco

Lab Scientist, Saudi Arabia

Abdulaziz Almathami, Ph. D.

Baker Hughes - Dhahran Global Technology Center

R&D Group Manager, Corrosion & Material Group, Saudi Arabia

Simon Mowat

Global Corrosion Solutions Ltd (NEUTRARUST 661)

CEO, United Kingdom