2nd Annual Kingdom Security 2016

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Dr. Sultan K. Almorqi

Advanced Sensors and Electronics Defense (ASED), KACST - Employment, University of Michigan and Saudi Chapter

Director - Advanced Sensors and Electronics Defense (ASED), Co-Director of The Microwave Sensors Technology Joint Center at KACST and the University of Michigan in USA and the President of AOC, Saudi Chapter, Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Maimanee

Architecture & Building Construction Div. Saudi Binladen Group

Safety & Security Manager, Saudi Arabia

General (Retd.) Sayed Ghoneim

Institute For Global Security & Defense Affairs (IGSDA)

Chairman, United Arab Emirates
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Mousa Alshaeri

Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski

Safety and Security Manager, Saudi Arabia

Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group

Corporate Safety and Security Manager, Saudi Arabia

Nasser Al Buhairi

Kuwait Oil Company

Chief Security Officer – Maritime Security & Head of the Emergency Response Coordination Unit, Kuwait
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Colonel Dr. Ali Abdullah Alqahtani

General Directorate Border Guards, Ministry of Interior

Director, Saudi Arabia

Phil Cracknell


Chairman & Founder, United Kingdom

Cid Ferreira


Intelligence and Investigations Master Specialist, Oman
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Ahmed Ali Alzhrani


Emergency Management Professional & Certified Anti Terrorism Officer, Saudi Arabia

Gen. Elia El Obeid


Department of Criminology Advisor & Expert, Saudi Arabia

Malcolm Smith CPP


Head of Group Security, South Africa
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Robert Katz

Innovation Intelligence Institute

Executive Director, United States

Capt. Kaleem Ahmad


Chief Security Officer, Pakistan
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