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  • Farshad Nowshadi
  • Vice President – eStrategy and Technology
  • Saman Bank Corporation, United Kingdom

Farshad Nowshadi is vice president of eStrategy at Saman Bank, which today is one of the largest banks in the Middle East with 4 million customers. He helped the bank to become one of the most innovative technological banks in Iran. He is also currently part of the VC/mentoring programme at Level 39 at Canary Warf in London, one of Europe’s largest FinTech start-up communities, and he is involved in some of the largest VC tech firms and accelerators in Europe and Iran. For 25 years, Farshad has been one of the key global consultants to Reuters financial services, working as a consultant to global banks (such as Deutsche Bank and Barclays), to stockbrokers and at Microsoft HQ. Furthermore, Farshad is the author of a number of internationally sold books on technology in the financial world and often speaks on FinTech at financial conferences in Dubai and Europe, where he has spoken on the future of retail banking. He has an M.Phil (computing) from Sussex University in the UK. Farshad has helped and invested in many FinTech start-ups, especially in the financial services sector.