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Centric Mining Systems

For nearly 20 years, Centric Mining Systems has been changing the way the mining industry operates. Centric has championed the ‘Digital Mine’ concept long before it became a common term. Centric delivers innovative, disruptive concepts and software products that provide the knowledge management framework essential to achieving the digital mine strategies of mining companies worldwide.

Centric removes the traditional ‘silos’ that prevented the extraction of real value from data housed in those ‘silos’, created by poor knowledge management frameworks.

Centric provides mining-specific data management, predictive analysis, business intelligence, and functional tools to the mining industry within a comprehensive knowledge management framework to create real improvements to the NPV of the mining enterprise.

Centric Mining Systems challenges the industry to ask new questions and seek new answers through the broad-based analysis of the vast quantity of information available to use from a successful digital mine strategy.

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