Process Safety Audits

The course will focus on establishing an audit team, developing a site audit manual and implementing an auditing program at a site. Participants will collaborate in small groups to analyze scenarios using incident videos and case studies. Throughout the course real-time incidents will be added, such as responding to critical audit findings, requiring participants to react as they would in a real-life scenario.

Redundancy and Restructuring

Equip yourself with the management skills and legal knowledge to manage the process. Whilst redundancies are undoubtedly distressing for those selected, the impact on those having to conduct the process is often overlooked. This is a practical webinar which aims to equip managers and owners of businesses with the competence to deal with redundancy and restructuring exercises and reduce the risk to the organization of expensive litigation as well manage the process in a humane way.

Taking Negotiation Online

This course is designed for all those who need to carry out negotiation with customers or suppliers, whether this involves negotiating contracts, negotiating variations and extensions, or settling contract disputes These could include sales managers, procurement managers, contract managers, project managers, commercial managers, technical experts, engineers, and key contract users.

Alarm Management

This course is structured around the Life-cycle model presented in the ISA/IEC standard and will provide participants an introduction into alarm management. In case of existing alarm systems, the course will enable participants to turn a possible faltering system around through performance monitoring, analysis, rationalization and continuous improvement.

You’ve got to walk before you can run: A pragmatic approach to sales enablement

The Masterclass in 5 Questions Every Leader must ask

Ultimately, changing your thinking through the “5 Question Process” must be an ongoing process and needs to become the part of any leaders thinking. By attending this MasterClass will give you the personal “Tool kit” to achieve this.

Design organisationnel et agilité

Cette formation en classe de trois jours est conçue comme une expérience pratique. L’activité de la formation en classe est un mélange équilibré de théorie et de pratique. Le cours sur la conception et l’agilité
organisationnelles offre une nouvelle façon de concevoir des organisations. La chose la plus importante que vous puissiez apporter est donc une intention d’apprendre quelque chose de complètement nouveau. Venez
avec un état d’esprit ouvert et nous fournissons le reste.

Procurement Strategy Summit

Strategic approach for controlled change to emerge stronger from challenging times.

Advanced Certificate in Procurement Compliance (ACPC™)

This advanced course is designed for both Auditors and Procurement practitioners and leads delegates through a systematic approach to enable validation of compliance from the procurement function, whose activities impact upon every line of annual financial statements.

Certificate in Contract Development, Negotiation & Management

The course covers both the technical/legal aspects of contract construction and also expands to incorporate cross cultural contract considerations within both UNCITRAL and International Law and crucially the art of cross cultural negotiation from both a Western, Middle East and Pan-Asian perspective.