Strategic Workforce Planning & Talent Analytics

This course will cover Analytics & Metrics and enable you to become a true strategic partner to the business by leveraging data and analytics to make strategic talent decisions.

Employee Experience Design

Delivering differentiated and satisfying customer experiences (CX) can lead to a boost in loyalty, market share and revenues. Imagine what a similar focus on the employee experience (EX) could mean for the business. Leading companies are already recognizing that EX is the new battleground for competitive advantage.

Advanced Bond Portfolio Management

The bond market is going through a strategic change as a result of changing regulation in the banking market and changing interest rate expectations.

Corporate Learning & Corporate Universities

8th Annual conference Corporate Learning & Corporate Universities Reinventing Corporate Learning 13/06/2018 – 15/06/2018 Berlin, Germany Making learning accessible through multiple points, at any time and in convenient quantities thanks to digital tools and best practices See full program details Download brochure Get the brochureFill in details below to get your PDF brochure. Name*Job title*Phone*Corporate … Continued

Certified Human Resource Director

The Certified Human Resource Analyst course has been designed for HR professionals whom: wish to further understand this ever-growing field, desire to become influential within their organizations, and want to be educated on best and future practices.

Certified Risk Analyst

This foundational training provides a framework for developing a dynamic approach to the analysis of risk.

Certified Compliance Officer

The intensive program will provide a blueprint for compliance professionals to follow to ensure that the risk profile of your organization is limited by a thorough understanding of your regulatory environment.

Certified Anti-Money Laundering Officer, CAMO™

This certified training course focuses on Anti-Money Laundering Laws, Financial Crimes, and Compliance. This is a key program designed for professionals in banking, financial compliance, and enforcement.

110+ tips for your Smart Christmas Design Homeplace from the SWDS team

Prepare your homestead for the holiday atmosphere with super cool tips from our SWDS team.

Certified Human Resource Analyst

This five day course will cover the key areas of the Human Resources Management while balancing between the theory and the practical challenges of this function.