Fire Safety & Ventilation in Underground Facilities

Presentation & Discussion with CEO Felix Amberg

The Recipe for Success

An interview with Mr Thibault Paquin, founder and CEO of Celebrating Life and, experienced hospitality, leisure and tourism business development professional.

Building Envelopes: The Protective Barrier of Modern Structures.

The paper offers insights on the common materials used in building envelopes, common defects observed to building envelopes and how the condition of the building envelope can be monitored and maintained.

Cutting Edge Designs To Successfully Utilize Water In Contemporary Structures

Philip Chan Kok Leong’s cutting edge design makes conserving water in today’s urban structures an easy task.

Prestigious Watermark Awards Presented to Water Samaritans

PUB’s Watermark Award honors individuals for their outstanding contributions to protecting water resources in Singapore.

Bridging global infrastructure gaps

Global infrastructure systems are straining to meet demand, and the spending trajectory will lead to worsening gaps. But there are solutions to unlock financing and make the sector more productive.

Parking on solar panels? What a bright idea!

According to several reports, there are going to be 2 billion vehicles on the roads by 2035 and the need for infrastructure growth will increase. By 2050, we will need to add 25 million paved road lanes. It is expected that 45,000 – 77,000 km2 of parking places will be added to accommodate this growth!

We are already living in the future

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is… already the future. This era is moving fast. From our workplaces to our homes, from our mobiles, computers, cars, air or maritime transport, smart technology is everywhere.

The Netherlands is high on technology

The Netherlands has beaten South Korea, becoming the first country with a nationwide Internet of Things. This low-lying country with around a quarter of its territory at sea level aimed for high technology and succeeded.

IoT in the city? You have to PlanIT!

Traffic flows in the city. Cars, trains, buses, trams and subways or even boats epitomise city life. How can it be made more fast, safe, green, comfortable, efficient and coordinated? Let’s look at a buzzing hive named New York.